Vixen Chat: Letoya Luckett Talks ‘Single Ladies’ and Upcoming Album

Letoya Luckett

I love your new haircut and color; it’s very bold. What made you change your hair?

I’m going to be honest. I’ve been comfortable with my [hair] forever and my team was like, “listen, you’re going to have to do something different and here’s what you’re going to do.”  At first, I was like “I’m not ready, I don’t know,” but once we started the process and I looked in the mirror I was like, “I can do this” and I love how I feel with this color and cut. It was a chance that I took and that was the beauty of it.

How has it changed you?                          

At first with the shorter cut, I couldn’t put it in ponytails. As far as my chill time, I was trying to figure it out. Now I’ve adjusted to it and it’s who I am and I love it! It has definitely boosted my confidence and spiced things up.

As a superstar, what’s the most important value to hold onto?

Stay true to yourself.  Don’t do anything that you don’t feel peace in your heart about. It’s a difference between feeling peace and fear.  Humble yourself before God and stay prayed up because it can get crazy out here. I choose to keep my faith in God and get my strength from him; meditate, get that peace and stay true to Toya. Stay humble because you never know what hands you have to shake coming up and what hands you have to shake coming down. Carry yourself with light, carry yourself with love and value everyone. Don’t just use somebody to get to where you’re trying to go or treat somebody like crap who ends up being that executive to get  you to the next level. So be careful on how you treat others.

Photo Credit: Instagram