Vixen on DVD: Monica Calhoun Talks ‘Best Man Holiday’ DVD Release


Monica Calhoun

VIBE Vixen: What was your initial reaction once the movie was done?

Monica Calhoun: I was a bit nervous, excited, and during one of the press days that we had, I was overwhelmed with how excited everyone was about the reunion aspect of it. But I was pleasantly surprised by the support in the theater. I was talking to somebody the other day about the first time The Best Man was released in 1999. What we did in terms of numbers over the weekend; we did that in one day when The Best Man Holiday was released the second time.

How much are you like Mia?

I have some elements of Mia that are definitely a part of my character, who I am, but not everything. To define that, I am the type of person that looks out for everyone and wants everyone to get along. That aspect is very much me, but I don’t know if I am as sweet as Mia.


Some people say that I am. I don’t know; have my mom tell it [laughs].

What scene was the hardest to film?

To be honest with you, none of them were hard; it was a walk in the park. But in terms of not wanting to be what some people call a “selfish actor,” like there’s certain circumstances that my cast mates had to go or places that they had to go; not wanting to intrude or interfere with what they were in their mindset during the filming process.

Like one day, someone invited me to a game and I didn’t look at the schedule–they were filming the funeral scene–and I sent out this random text like, “hey, let’s go to a basketball game.” Nobody responded. [Then] they responded a little later on, and then I realized, Oh yeah, we were filming the scene, and I was like, “oh crap!”

That was not cool! [laughs]

You know what I mean; so I realized I had to be sort of be sensitive to the process in some respects, so that was sort of the hard part. But getting into the work; we’re all friends. We grew up in the business together. We’ve seen each other go on auditions and supported each other in various ways and so [there] was the chemistry.