Vixen on DVD: Monica Calhoun Talks ‘Best Man Holiday’ DVD Release


Monica Calhoun

How critical were you of yourself after watching the film?

Initially I saw it twice, actually more than that. The first two times that I saw it, it was a private screening and I was in love with everything that I saw. And then the second time that I saw it, I am super critical of myself and everything. I saw certain things that I wished that I could of approached in different way, I was like “oh, they took that edit?,” or “they took that take?” It was different things. The first time I was just in love, and loved how everything felt and how it took me through all of the emotions that I sort of look for in projects to be a part of.  It made me laugh, it made me cry and I was able to divorce myself from the idea that this is something I am part of.

How hard was that?

It is not hard at all and in the second time I watched it,  I was able to just sort of self-critique myself in order to better myself.

Which scene was your favorite to film?

My favorite scene as Mia is the bedroom one; watching the football game with the kids and Nia Long. My other favorite scene with Morris Chestnut in the football game. The guys are on the sidelines crowding around him and to support him to play a better game and he gets the phone call and makes that win. The scene when Lance and Mia are in the bedroom embracing each other. Favorite scene where Sanaa Lathan who plays Robin and Melissa De Sousa who plays Shelby; they are in the kitchen preparing the meal and Melissa is on the phone with her producers for her reality show and she just can’t handle the news about her best friend. The scene with Terrence Howard and Taye Diggs when they’re in the church they are having that conversation–“Call me Daddy,” [laughs] There are so many more favorite scenes!

So it seems that you like the scenes that were more emotional.

 Yes, but my all-time favorite scene is when the guys were performing New Edition’s “Can You Stand the Rain” on air band. Somehow the girls lost out on doing their version but that’s okay maybe in the next one.

I know you passed away but, is there any talk of doing a flashback scene with you?

I don’t know, that’s sort of up to [them], I don’t know what the story would be, but I’m there.

Who is the funniest on set?

Oh my god, are you kidding? They’re all funny [laughs]. No seriously, everyone had their moment If it wasn’t Harold, it was Regina. If it wasn’t Sanaa, it was Taye. If it wasn’t Terrence, it was Nia. I think Morris was the only one who was sort of laid back.