Vixen on DVD: Monica Calhoun Talks ‘Best Man Holiday’ DVD Release



Monica Calhoun

What was the dynamic like working with the same cast?

It was awesome, are you kidding me?  The original crew set it off from the beginning! Very powerful ensemble. A cast of lead actors not just supporting actors–we all supported the story line–but everyone in the film, they are all lead actors.

If you can work with the cast one more time, what kind of film would you like everyone to do?

Of course! I would work with this cast again from The Best Man Holiday; each and every one of them! There are so many ranges of opportunity to work with them on. Different capacities of ensemble: romantic,  centered around two person comedy, drama or biopic. The story of Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott–it would be great if Morris and I did that.

How do you think you’ve grown as an actor and as Mia?

There’s a little more maturity to me , I think I could still mature a lot more. Mia is extremely mature; she’s the female head of household, she keeps her family tight and maintains the relationship and balances family life in keeping and holding everything together. I’m still maturing; I got a long ways to go. As an artist, as a human being, I haven’t learned all the life lessons yet; I mean there’s some things that I’ve stumbled through, some things I walked through very gracefully  like I was on the red carpet, I am still stumbling through, I am human.

What do you want the audience to take from the movie?

I would love for the audience to just live, laugh, and love; and never take a moment, never miss a moment to say to someone how much you appreciate them whether they piss you off or not.