Vixen Chat: Mya Shares a Secret and Dishes on ‘With Love’



No love, no relationship?

Well I got love around me in different forms, but I’m not in a relationship.

It seems that your new 4 track EP was inspired by love.

Well yeah, you know I stay in the studio. A couple of them I did in 2012 and I did in 2013, so you know I thought those were more appropriate for February 14th in particular, so that’s why they sound the way they do.

What inspired you to drop an EP of Valentine’s Day?

It’s crazy how God works. I always drop something on Valentine’s day or Christmas for my fans whether it’s some merchandise, a single, a nice little independent video, an album…I said “You know what ? I have all of this music just sitting around; let me talk to the producers and see what I can work out as an independent artist.” So I talked to Yonny [The Producer]…He did three out of the four tracks and I worked with Antione Hart. We started chopping it up and we all just sat down talked about it and I agreed that maybe not to give people too much, but something as an appetizer; short, sweet, simple for Valentine’s Day and those just happened to be the pieces of production that I thought worked well together.

I personally gravitated towards “Space.” It was a very cool way to look at wanting to be around your man and not wanting space for him. So how did you guys work that out in the studio?

Well Latisha Hyman is out of New York.  We got together on the writing tip first to discuss what we wanted to talk about. The concept was totally opposite of what it is right now though. The first concept was I need some space and I said, “why don’t we flip it and make it we don’t want any space. I need you to suffocate me more. I need you to elevate me in this relationship; don’t be afraid to take me to a higher place because that’s really what it’s supposed to be. Don’t pull back, I’m ready.”

Which track is your favorite?

Honestly, I can’t tell you because they all represent different flavors and different things. I would have to say “Space” is more unplugged and it does feel like space to me.  I love live band instrumentation and I love ’70s pimp music, so that’s what that is for me. Now “Like A Woman” is a little bit more vulnerable and softer and it’s acoustic so they don’t compare. I like that from a lyrical perspective and a personal perspective. “House Party” is just a sexy groove, but it makes me want to do a two-step and actually dance with somebody, but not get ratchet.  And then “Do It” is the after party after the party, behind closed doors–where things can happen.