Vixen Chat: Mya Shares a Secret and Dishes on ‘With Love’



What has been the fan’s reaction?

I can drop something really wack and my core fans would probably like it because it’s been a minute since I released something [laughs], so they’re just happy to have content. But the general consensus is that they’re very proud of this growth, the maturity, the grown and sexy factor, some of the lyrics and the flavor musically because I don’t think they’ve heard me deliver this type of style all in one package. The package is very small, so it’s not chasing anything. It’s nothing like the international albums or mixtapes I have, but it’s just Mya being Mya and I think they understand that.

Will there be any music videos for this EP?

It’s always a possibility–I’m kicking around some ideas. Me and my guitarist got snowed in the studio the other night and we had to shovel our way out, but we were doing some filming in the studio just really intimate. Maybe a little unplugged but really personal–like from my living room or something.

When will we have an album?

I might not call it an album, but it might be an extended EP or a couple of different EP;s but definitely a lot of Mya. I can’t really tell you what it’s going to b,e but you are going to get content from me in 2014.

Will you be incorporating dance into your new work?

Well, that’s always the goal. My focus is just to make an incredible album first and make sure I have the right team players around me before I release an album professionally, majorly or independently.  Dance is always going to be in my regime.