Vixen Chat: Mya Shares a Secret and Dishes on ‘With Love’



How is it being independent?

Independent has it pros, but it also has its cons. Independent –you know there’s a lot of pressure [because] some people’s expectations from you, but it’s a wonderful market to be in because you can directly connect to your fans and not have interference of maybe a company or lose control of who you are as a person and get lost in the shuffle. I’m going to be honest with you–it’s very expensive for one individual and it can be very stifling if you are not quick to do that as a human being by yourself.  You gotta be a stone cold hustler and you gotta go out and get it how you get it, but you also have to have team players that are willing say, “I understand your position, I understand that you’re not the world bank, but let’s try to get there together.” Everybody can’t be charging you 100k a track–that’s not how it’s going to work, otherwise it’s not going to come out.

What’s one of the greatest lessons you’ve learned?

Oh Gosh, I could write a book[laughs],  but I think staying true to who you are-even if that means that you have to actually take a break to figure out what your truth is. Getting your mind and spirit right are more important than anything else because that’s the tool that’s going to attract things. If you are not being true to yourself ,then expect to attract what you’re projecting. Get to know you; you might love to sing, dance 0r do make-up, but if you are doing it for the wrong reasons, you will always be in the system of chasing for the wrong reasons and probably leave feeling empty, not satisfied, or fulfilled because your soul is not in it.

If you can work with any 5 artists– who would they be?

Oh my goodness. I would want to work with Lauryn Hill–she’s an incredible writer. I’ve been listening to The Miseducation [of Lauryn Hill] recently and I have a newfound respect for it as a grown woman. It came out when I was a young girl and I still have to look up certain words in the dictionaries and do some biblical references. Secondly, Prince– that’s always been on my list; incredible musician and performer. Quincy Jones as a producer always intrigued me.  You’re probably going to laugh at this one, but I’ve always wanted to work with Dolly Parton as a songwriter.  It’s so hard to be simple sometimes that I think people everywhere can relate to and she’s a genius at being real.  I guess on the newer side, I really love “All of Me” by John Legend. He’s a great musician, so I would like to sit down with him and write something different.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

Did you know I was a vegetarian? I’ve been a vegetarian for years at a time, but this year I made the permanent change because I’ve been on and off and then I go vegan starting in July.  Now it’s a part of my life commitment.