Vixen Chat: Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris Talks ‘Name My New Tequila’ Contest, OMG Girlz and New Label


Tiny Harris

VIBE Vixen: Tell us about your most recent business venture,the “Name My New Tequila” contest.

Tiny: Well, you know I wanted to do some kind of beverage and tequila was one of the things that [I like]. I like tequila, but most of the time tequila is very strong and very hair chest growing..So I wanted to try to get a tequila that did not burn your throat so bad–also a flavored tequila.

I like so many of them right now, that it’s kind of hard for me to chose a name. Of course my partners…like Tiny’s Tequila. They like that a lot, but I feel that I got so many great names that came in, that we should look into those more. It’s a couple of names that stuck out to me, so we’re going to narrow them down.

We have followed your music career since you were a teenager in Xscape. How exciting is it to be launching your very own Pretty Hustle record label?

The label is something I wanted to do after I started working with creating the OMG Girlz. I wanted to have a real solid platform for the girls and just be recognized as a real company–someone who’s really making moves in business and not just out here without any knowledge of what’s really going on. I think that we/I have put a couple of people in place to help me pretty much take this company to the next level and also merge with another partner that is a big time producer. This will be an OMG project and so I’m excited about that, too. So once we solidify it, I could definitely spill the beans on that.  Pretty Hustle is my baby and OMG is my baby so its attached to Pretty Hustle and that is my biggest project yet to me.