Vixen Chat: Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris Talks ‘Name My New Tequila’ Contest, OMG Girlz and New Label


T.I. and Tiny Harris

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle is returning to VH1 soon. What are some things you do daily to balance being a fabulous mother, wife and successful business woman?

I try to give a little time to everybody–make sure that I’m comforting and being nurturing to my husband with his needs and also just seeing about my kids and making sure they’re straight. I wont lie– I have help because it’s a lot being that I have so many kids. I travel and then with my husband and everything that he’s doing so, with help and just staying focused on what the bigger picture is and my goal is. Then it’s to be the best mother that I can be and also keep them grounded and stay grounded and also try to achieve something so they can look forward/up to, and want to do as well as their mother and father or better.

What can we expect from The OMG Girlz this year? Do they give you flashbacks of working with Xscape?

Oh man, I always have flashbacks. With any girl group, there’s always some kind of something. With the OMG Girlz, it’s not much of a discrepancy or big fights because OMG–two of them–they’ve been together since birth, Zonnique and Bahja. They’re the closest and they’re always with each other, so they’re really, really tight like sisters. And then Bre, which is “Baby Doll,” she’s very laid back. She’s a sweet girl, but every now and then they have their little run in’s, which any young teenagers would.

I guess my newest girl group that I have, which is “French kiss,” they remind me a lot of my me and my group. Just because they bicker and they fight all the time, they have replaced one member, brought her back and replaced her again. They have gone through their ups and downs so quickly, and at the beginning of their career, so it kind of puts me in the mind of taking me back to the old Xcape days. I’m telling them, you have to be aware of each other, your well being and what each other wants and being respectful because you guys can kill your own career because you are a team. So, that’s more of my struggle with French Kiss more so than OMG.

But OMG-this album is a long awaited process and I know they have a lot of fans that are like internet fans. They just have their own little following and these fans are really disturbed that they have not put out an album just yet from the OMG Girlz. Being that they came from Interscope [records] and now back off Interscope, it took some time. Now we’re just making sure we can bring them them the best album possible with the girls. They have awesome music, they’re growing and they’re ready. I see the growth in them on stage and they’re just becoming some little stars. And when they do drop an album, it’s going to be A-1.