Vixen Chat: Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris Talks ‘Name My New Tequila’ Contest, OMG Girlz and New Label


Tiny Harris


We hear you’re considering an acting career. What type of roles are you interested in playing?

Well, you know I’m a TV  fanatic so, I always, always wanted to play a Basic Instincts roll. Sharon Stone? I love that roll she plays. I like to be seductive and I’m not stuck to any role. I would love to play on Sons of Anarchy. One is because I like Jacks– I think Jacks is like the man, okay (laughs)?  Two, because they killed Tara off and I feel like he needs a new woman. Three– because they should add a little more color..I know it’s motorcycle riders and all of that, but it would be nice to see just a few sprinkles here and there [of color] and I would like to be that person. Let me just talk about this Scandal show; Yes, Kerri Washington’s role is awesome! I want to be taken seriously [in] whatever role I do. I want to nail it and even if it’s a ghetto girl, I know I can play that hands down-no problem.


Since we’re wrapping up Black History Month, which African-American woman is most influential to you?

I say Oprah Winfrey or Michelle Obama because I think that Michelle Obama really helps keep things grounded. She holds her house down and she supports her husband; she’s like the brain-child to me. [I think] she’s the brains behind it all and she just helps to motivate. You cannot take away from Oprah ’cause she came from nothing to something and she’s so powerful and she has not stopped yet. Her longevity is what makes her [to me] one of the most powerful black history women.