Vixen Boombox Exclusive: Dondria Nicole ‘Coattail’


Dondria Nicole

Dondria  is back with new music and no mercy. The YouTube singing sensation, who made headlines when her video channel earned her Def Jam deal in 2007, seems to have been waiting in the wings ever since. Fortunately, our wait for more melodies is over. If her new single, “Coat Tail” is any indication of what’s to come, we’re riding hers to the finish line.
The uptempo feminist song is “about self-worth and loving yourself,” says the 27-year-old songstress. “Many of us women are scared to be confident, independent and own who we are.”
The part sexy, part savvy track is just what the powerhouse needs to make a formal reintroduction. This track is the first installment to her upcoming summer EP.
Flip the page to hear her new track and let us know if you’re feeling the new, self-empowering Dondria Nicole.