Vixen Industry Couple: Alvin Ailey’s Glenn and Linda Celeste Sims


Linda and Glenn Sims

For our second installment of industry couples, we shed light to the lovers who create beautiful works of art together. For over 13 years, Glenn and Linda Celeste Sims have been dancers with Alvin Ailey. If you know anything about dance, you know the company and their performers are extremely pristine. Joining the company a year before her future husband, Linda Celeste didn’t realize by 1997 she’d be dancing side by side and eventually sharing a life with Glenn.

“It was a working environment and I didn’t think about that then but we just always hung out and on tour eventually we ended up rooming together because we were always together. Going out to eat together, sightseeing together, going to museums together, and so we spent a lot of time together in that sense.”

However, as dance fate would have it, their budding friendship would turn into a 13 year married romance. Learn more about Glenn and Linda’s on the next page.