Vixen Industry Couple: Alvin Ailey’s Glenn and Linda Celeste Sims


Linda Sims

VIBE Vixen: Can I have a little background on you two? How did you guys meet? Was it at Alvin Ailey or was it before?

Linda Celeste Sims: I was already at Ailey for a year when Glenn joined in ’97. The new people tend to kinda congregate together [but] he just came up to me and we just started talking. The coolest thing [was] we had the same circle of friends because being I went to LaGaurdia, most of my friends went to Julliard and of  course Glenn went to Julliard so it was like oh my gosh we knew at least ten of the same people. I wasn’t like initially attracted to him like, “oh my God, he’s sexy,” because I was working. It was a working environment and I didn’t think about that then, but we just always hung out and on tour, we ended up rooming together because we were always together.