Vixen Industry Couple: Alvin Ailey’s Glenn and Linda Celeste Sims


Glenn and Linda

That’s great. Now, when you guys first started dating, did you keep it a secret or did pretty much the whole company know you were an item?

Glenn Sims: No, we kept it a secret for at least a couple of months; we would not let anybody know. Our group of friends that we hung out with would ask like,  “you guys want to go to the mall or go to the movies?” We were just like,  “no, we just gonna hang out in the room,”  but we never told anybody anything until like the end of 1998 before the end of the U.S tour. Then a lot of people were mad at us because we didn’t say anything earlier.

LCS: Yeah, not that is was weird or anything; it was just we were very professional. We were at work and then if we wanted to start seeing each other,  lets just keep that quiet. But we didn’t hold hands walking down the street at first and then it was like, ” I want to hold your hand, its totally okay.” So once the cat got out of the bag, that kind of thing, it wasn’t a big deal at all. It was okay. As long as we’re at work, we’re at work. Nothing changes and we’re good.

GS: And it’s still kind of like that today. I mean we’ve been married for 13 years. So we’ll show more affection now, but when you’re first starting out younger in an organization, you don’t know what the protocol is or the history of how it was when people were dating in the company and how they would receive it. So we did keep our relationship almost sort of private and discreet to ourselves cause we didn’t want to have any hindrance on our work.

How long did you guys know each other before you started dating?

LCS: I would say almost like six months. Like half a year because you have to understand that this company travels and is always out on the road, so you come join the company and after a year it’s like you’ve been here for ten years, because we’re always around each other and we’re always traveling together, so it’s quite tight.