Vixen Industry Couple: Alvin Ailey’s Glenn and Linda Celeste Sims


Glenn Sims

How was the proposal?

GC: When the rings were actually made, Linda had no idea. So the morning that I had her engagement ring, I did a trail of rose petals from the bedroom into the bathroom. There was a bath that was drawn with bubbles and like champagne and strawberries and I read her a poem and then later on she was doing her hair in rollers in the couch and I took the perfect rose with the engagement ring in place in it. So as she’s doing her hair and sitting on the couch in rollers, I came over to her and got on my knee and proposed to her that way and that’s how it happened.

LCS: This is during our season, so the only day off is Monday. You have to do everything on Monday that day, which is laundry, wash your hair; so after my bath of course I wash my hair, I set my hair in rollers so. It was very like home, me, my hair is in rollers, so it makes it more real that way. So, later on in the day as I’m drying my hair, he come comes out of the room with the ring and he asked me. It was kind of funny cause I have a whole head of rollers on my head. Later that evening he did have reservations for the restaurant that does not exists anymore, but Windows around the World; World Trade Center. It’s a restaurant on the top that you can see all New York City and its so romantic and so beautiful. So, we had dinner reservations for that night and of course that’s when I dressed up and looked pretty.