Vixen Industry Couple: Alvin Ailey’s Glenn and Linda Celeste Sims


Linda and Glenn Sims Linda and Glenn Sims

What is the greatest thing you have learned from one another?

LCS: I would say with Glenn, definitely patience, cause I don’t have any. Patience and also I’m more of a small group intimate kind of person and he’s kind of shown me how to be a little bit more open.

GS: Well I would say for me with Linda, I’m going to highlight a couple of them. One is to communicate on most occasions.  I learned how to communicate more my emotions and my feelings with Linda. Secondly, it would be how to finance myself because she has taught me that because she can be really frugal at moments. But it’s a great thing because we’ve accumulated so many different things in a short period of time of us being together, where so couples who might work together as dancers don’t accumulate those things so she usually highlighted me about finances. Secondly, how to protect myself more because like Linda was saying about, Like I’ll give people a couple of chances, you know I give people the benefit of the doubt, everybody has their own issues that their dealing with and I’m patient enough to see if the person will change in certain circumstances but I’ve also learned how to protect myself in certain situations by learning through Linda.