Vixen Industry Couple: Alvin Ailey’s Glenn and Linda Celeste Sims



VIBE-Vixen-Linda and Glenn Sims

What do you think is the best dance that you guys performed together? In your opinion.

LCS: I really enjoyed doing a couple of them. Definitely ‘Fix me’ from Revelations. One of my favorite piece that we’re actually doing again this year called ‘The River’ and the second’s called ‘Lake’ and I get to do it with him and its just so beautiful.

What would be advice to others that are married and working together?

GS: I would just say remember how you got together first, mainly. Like if you were friends before, just remember to keep the friendship and keep that connection as friends and never lose that cause that’s the foundation [for a lot of relationships] . If you can keep the friendship fresh and alive that will also help, and I will also say the romance part of it as well. Being spontaneous when a man needs to be spontaneous to surprise a woman to let her know he still is romantically feeling her.

LS: Yeah, just adding onto what he said, if you keep that in mind, then if you do argue or if you do this, that’s going to be easy to solve. Being definitely patient and understanding, forgiving, all of that because you still love this person. Why did you get together? We’re both imperfect, there’s nothing about me, nothing perfect about him, but there’s one thing that we do know: it’s that we do love each other. And we really are really good friends, so communicating; all that, it’s cause he’s my friend and if he does something that irritates me, I go right to him.

Photo Credit: Gary Friedman