Vixen Industry Couple: Whitney Keaton and Raii + Vixen Giveaway!


Whitney Keaton and Raphael Smith

Finding love at times can be a feat, especially if you’re in the entertainment industry. But there are some successful exceptions. Whitney Keaton and Raphael Smith’s relationship began before their professional journey and ripened as they both separately followed their dreams as professional singers.

While they weren’t always working side-by-side, in 2010 just a week before they said ‘I do’ an unexpected pregnancy would grant these two a new journey and challenge: “I was working with Estelle since the beginning of that year and that was the same time that Alicia [Keys] was pregnant. An opportunity presented itself where Estelle needed another singer and since Alicia’s tour got cut short, Whitney was available to go on tour with me.”

Many couples couldn’t imagine working with their significant other 24/7 but this couple relishes on how “blessed” and “spoiled” they are to have this opportunity. As we prep for Valentine’s Day, let’s revel in Whitney and Raphael’s love story. The couple talks balancing work and marriage, their new joint project, and out how to win tickets to see them live!

All photos courtesy of RaiiWK

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