Vixen Industry Couple: Whitney Keaton and Raii + Vixen Giveaway!


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What’s the best and worst thing about being a couple in the industry?

WK: The best thing about being a married couple in the industry is the fact that we are experiencing all that comes with this journey, side by side. The fact that this journey teaches you about yourself and you are right there witnessing the growth in each other. You are right there to understand, be in the moment, explore, and enjoy life doing what you love to do, together. In the amount of time we’ve done this together, it’s been nothing but a beneficial experience.

RAII: The best thing about being married in the industry is knowing that through the challenges and the triumphs, I have my best friend to go through it all with me. We can encourage each other, we can challenge each other for the better, we can protect and support one another and there is a mutual understanding of just how much pressure comes with the territory. It is a challenge to make sure that our career does not become more of a priority than our marriage. Acknowledging and embracing the priority of marriage has been instrumental to the balance that keeps us united and connected while we pursue our career.

Are you working on a collab album together?

RAII: We’ve been working on a joint project for about 2 years. Now that tour is over, we should have more time to dedicate to completing it. Some songs feature Whitney, some feature me, and some feature the both of us. God willing, the project will be available this year.

WK:  We’re excited about a joint project, A Time For Everything. It’s a conceptual project where each song represents a moment or stage within a relationship or a person’s life.

What’s your future plans in the industry?

RAII - I hope to contribute timeless and meaningful music that soothes the soul and uplifts the spirit. We intend to release music and put on concerts that will truly inspire people and that will cause them to reflect on their life and their choices. I realize how powerful the gift of music is and my desire is to use that influence in a way that adds value to this world.

WK- Right now we are maximizing this time off from tour life to focus on RAIIWK and all that entails. We’re currently in the studio finishing up the vocals and music on the project and working on ways to effectively share and build with our supporters.

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