Vixen of the Day: Shemelly Williams



Name: Shemelly Williams (IG: @in_hair_we_trust)
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Age: 22 years old
Occupation: I am a freelance hairstylist, the creator of “In Hair We Trust” an immaculate brand of hair styling that will revitalize the creativity, passion and versatility in the world of hair!
Style:  modern, edgy, eccentric and classy
Inspired By: My Mother
Beauty faves I cannot live without? BLISTEX!
A vixen is… a woman with an extra kick to her. Whether it’s her spicy witticism or her gracious glide, she has the ability to command attention. She’s a woman of caliber, immense fashion sense and beauty. Vixens are confident, eager for success and truly an inspiration to others!