Vixen of the Day: Shakari ‘ TRAKGIRL’ Boles

Name: Shakari “TRAKGIRL” Boles (@TRAKgirl)
Age: 24
Location: DMV area
Occupation: Music Producer & Songwriter (
Style: I love simplicity! I feel like you don’t need eccentric, lavish labels to embrace style. I love chic, clean, nude and dark colors. I love sneakers! But of course a girl has to have staple heels ;). Hats are my fav. accessory .
Inspired by: My mother – She’s overall a strong, enduring woman who I’m definitely influenced by. I’m also inspired by my surroundings, LOVE,  my peers & friends. I have amazing music mentors as well.
Beauty fave I cannot live without? MAC’s Plum Foolery blush & Chanel NO. 5 perfume. – A Clean face goes a long way. I’m a natural product advocate.
A vixen is…. A vixen inspires, touches the people they encounter. My number one goal within my music career is to inspire people. Music has an extraordinary way in creating emotion, feeling. In addition, the music industry is such a male dominated field. I wish to break that void and hopefully influence other women to dominate this industry as well. A vixen has that strong presence to influence change.
One word to describe me is: Visionary