Vixen Valentine Chat: Author Tye Coe on her ‘Ten ComMANdments’


Tye Coe

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re single or boo’d up, Cupid’s holiday is not only the perfect day for love and affection; it’s also a time for self-reflection and a chance to really look at your relationships with the opposite sex. Are you in a relationship and not sure where to take it next? Wondering why the last one didn’t work out? Trying to figure out why you’re fabulous and still single? Tye Coe is here to help.

The New York-based relationship coach and creative writer has taken her years of experience and applied it to #men? The Ten ComMANdments, a go-to guide for women navigating love in today’s social media-driven landscape. This year, make it the last Valentine’s Day you spend feeling bad for yourself or tortured by a dysfunctional relationship.

Keep reading for Tye’s tips on how to move on, how to get put on and everything in between.