Vixen Valentine Chat: Author Tye Coe on her ‘Ten ComMANdments’


#men? The Ten ComMANdments

VIBE VIXEN: How do you know when it’s time to leave a relationship?

Tye: Leaving a relationship is never easy, especially if you’re in “love” or the “sex” is good. Women have a special gift from God, which is female intuition. If honored, female intuition will give answers on when it’s time to leave a relationship that is no longer serving you or even nudge you prior to getting into a bad relationship. The real question is when you “know,” will you listen…or will you just ignore it?


What’s the best way to get over a long term relationship once you’ve made the decision to walk away?

The long answer is in the book, but the short answer is: love yourself more. Take care of yourself and put yourself first. Remind yourself of the reasons you left and don’t fantasize about “the good times.”  Relationships always seem better than they really were once you’ve made a decision to break away. Don’t trick yourself; no more stalking your ex’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and break all contact. If you don’t break all contact, you are setting yourself up for an on again/off again emotional rollercoaster ride.


What are the 3 top things women should look for in a partner?

1) Honesty- His words and actions always line up.

2) He has a firm plan and a vision for his future and he’s working the plan (not just talking about it).

3) He is emotionally attractive, meaning he can open up and communicate with you freely without a lot of mental or emotional blocks that keep you from getting to know the real him.