Vixen Valentine Chat: Author Tye Coe on her ‘Ten ComMANdments’


What’s the best way to take a relationship to the next level; specifically from boyfriend/girlfriend status to marriage?

Most women want to be able to eventually progress their relationship with a man they are very serious about. The key to this is in how you create value for yourself in his eyes. The man that you want to progress the relationship with must see you as extremely valuable, otherwise it will be impossible to progress to the next stage.


How should women use your book as a guide? Is it something women can refer back to from time to time?

This book was created as a purse or pocket relationship “bible” to reference whenever feeling weak, confused or torn on what to do with men and answers the top questions asked about love and relationships. The 10 ComMANdments set forth in the book are instant, go to reference points to keep women from experiencing heartbreak and misery within their relationships.


How is it different from other relationship books?

This book is extremely different; mainly because it gets to the root of what has been going wrong within generations X,Y,Z and Millennials, that root being feminine energy.  It addresses the new hashtag world of dating and gives straight to the point, no nonsense answers.


Learn more about Tye and purchase The Ten ComMANdments here.