Vixen Verified: Hair Dryer Bonnet Attachment


Doing you hair is a strenuous activity. Not only is it time consuming; it’s also taxing on your body. In effort to ease some discomfort out of your daily struggle, White Sands Hair Care has created a Dryer Bonnet that makes drying your coif faster and easier.
The bonnet (pictured above) turns any typical hand dryer into a salon hood that drapes over your head to equally distribute heat and take the agony of holding your dryer off your shoulders. The $20 foldable “dryer bonnet” attaches in seconds and “is ideal for hot oil treatments, pin curls, roller sets, deep conditioning masks and any other hair service or product requiring heat.”
If you’re a vixen that loves doing hair, but loathes the stressful process, we recommend purchasing this dryer bonnet to take the stress off your tresses.