Watch: Allen Stone Strips Down ‘Satisfaction’


Bred in quiet backwoods of Washington, the self-proclaimed “hippie with soul” Allen Stone is selling out shows quicker than he could have ever imagined. His voice meets comparisons to the likes of Donnie Hathaway and Bill Withers, and the singer coins his musical influences as Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gay.

The 26 year-old is currently co-producing his new album and follow-up to his self-titled and self-released 2011 LP that will be released later this year by Capitol Records. Here, Stone performs his track “Satisfaction” from 2011’s Allen Stone for a video series called 1 Mic, 1 Take for Capitol Records. He performs solo in the historic Capitol studios recording his mesmerizing track on the same mic that legends Sammie Davis Jr., Sinatra, and the Beach Boys all used.

“It was a nice trip stripping down this song,” says Stone. “It’s normally a high energy song so putting this spin on it was quite fun!” Check out the video below.