Watch: Kanye West Talks Drake and Air Yeezy II’s Onstage in New Jersey


Kanye West took to the stage at Newark, NJ’s Prudential Center last night for his Yeezus tour, which was of course complete with another little “motivational speech.”

Starting with a chronicle of his transition from an opening act to the headliner of a “well thought out” tour, West discussed his reasoning for calling himself a genius, as well as the media’s disrespect for the term “rapper.” West also took a moment to talk Drake’s recent Rolling Stone controversy, confirming that everything was all good between he and the OVO CEO.

“You keep on talkin’ ‘bout Drake and shit, and I’m gonna tell you what it is with magazines,” he said. “They always try to pin niggas against each other, and that ain’t goin’ down no more. So tonight, it ain’t none of that. We love Drake. We love every motherf–cker that put they heart into this motherf–king music.”

And after threatening to “run up in the office” of writers who showed disrespect, Yeezy went on to explain that he owns the title of genius in an effort to acknowledge history. Comparing himself to the “Gemini genius” of Lauryn Hill, Miles Davis and Prince, West’s soliloquy switched to discussion of his Air Yeezy II “Red Octobers” selling out in 11 minutes last week (Feb. 9).

“The idea that those Yeezys sold out in 11 minutes, yeah that’s good for my ego, that’s good for my ego,” he said. “But the problem is, if there’s 20,000 of y’all, then you know what? That’s not good for my people. And the reason why i made the decision between Adidas and Nike, is because Adidas said I could make more product for more people.”

Watch Kanye West’s latest onstage rant above.