Watch: Marvel Unveils Hilarious, New ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Trailer

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After being premiered on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the debut clip has almost reached 1.5 million views in less than 12 hours. We have the highly anticipated trailer for you to watch.

Directed by James Gunn, Guardians of the Galaxy is designed as a standalone film from Marvel’s Avengers franchise that takes place in space. Chronicling the adventures of Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), aka Star-Lord, he races across the galaxy trying to escape the clutches of Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace). The holder of a mysterious orb of immense power, Star-Lord is joined by a cast of miscreants who also come from a shady past.

The other Guardians of the Galaxy are Gamora (Zoe Saldana), an adopted daughter of the Mad Titan Thanos and former associate of Ronan who has changed sides; Drax the Destroyer (WWE star Dave Bautista), a warrior seeking vengeance; Groot (Vin Diesel), a tree-like humanoid known for his one repeated phrase “I am Groot”; and Rocket, a hyper-intelligent raccoon with a love of firearms voiced by Bradley Cooper. Fans who waited around to see the post-credits scene after the end of Thor: The Dark World will also recognize Benecio del Toro as The Collector.

Described as an ‘outer space Liberace,’ The Collector is hell-bent on gathering all six Infinity Gems.

Thanos, the villain revealed before the credits rolled on The Avengers, is attempting to collect all the Infinity Gems to place in an all-powerful gauntlet that can bend time, space and reality.

Watch the trailer below and tell us if you spot anything else awesome in the comments section below:

Guardians of the Galaxy was filmed in the UK, at Shepperton Studios, and opens on August 1.

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