Watch: Nfinite Form Ntimates Takes Over Times Square Jumbotron

Fact: The average size of an American woman is a size 14. When you see lingerie ads and commercials, they all seem to fail to advertise lingerie for fuller-figured women.

Paula Michelle and Tresé Lee are the mother-daughter team behind Nfinite Form Ntimates, an intimate apparel line for the curvier woman. With their company, the Nfinite Form Ntimates co-founders aim to celebrate the sexiness and style of plus-sized women that mainstream media fails to do. Recently, the duo expanded their line from not just lingerie but to casual and evening wear and even shoes.

Nfinite Form Ntimates recently created a promo video for their brand that launched in the middle of Times Square on the Jumbotron for all the world to see. Check out their video above.

To check out the Nfinite Form Ntimates designs or pick out something sexy for yourself or significant other with Valentine’s Day around the corner, check out their website here.