Watch: Ready At Dawn Studios’ Next-Gen Actioner ‘The Order: 1886′ Amaze Gamers

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Ready at Dawn Studios’ The Order: 1886 wowed gamers during Sony’s tide-turning E3 2013 press conference, and now, finally, a new trailer promises to showcase what next-gen is all about.

Using the cinematic gameplay methods that made Naughty Dog a household name, Ready at Dawn and Sony Santa Monica offer the definitive third-person action-action adventure game exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

The company released its first trailer today, much to the chagrin of gamers everywhere, in addition to more screenshots. Set in an alternate history London, a solid look at the game finds players in the steampunk boots of Sebastian Mallory, the second to bear the name of Sir Percival, and the descendant of Thomas Mallory. Surrounded by his own Knights of the Round Table, these heroes are tasked to keep order and the world safe from half-bred monsters, who are a combination of animal and man. As the Industrial Revolution helps to turn the tide after centuries of conflict, a new enemy looms in the distance.

The Order: 1886 shows the four protagonists swearing its oath to protect mankind, while giving a short, albeit teasing glimpse of a freakish enemy type.

Watch and enjoy the trailer reveal below and click here to see two additional video interviews with Ready at Dawn:

Enjoy the debut gameplay reveals and two additional video interviews with Ready at Dawn, all below:

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