Which Singer Just Became The Most Followed Person On Twitter?

Katy Perry

Katy Perry just put Beliebers, the Beyhive and the Navy to shame. After surpassing 50 million followers on Twitter Saturday (Feb. 1), the “Dark Horse” singer bagged the title of most followed person on the social site.

“Oh yeah AND we grew to 50 million Katycats! Eh, regular day at the office,” she tweeted.

According to E! News, she flew by Justin Bieber back in October with 46.48 million followers over the Biebs’ 46.47 million followers. The Canuck crooner’s following now clocks in at 49.3 million.

One person who has a lot of tweeting to catch up to Perry’s record is her beau/ singer John Mayer, who recently joined the 140-character gauntlet, writing, “I’m back. What’d I miss?”

While he now stands with 368k followers, Mayer wasn’t completely out of the loop as he poured out his e-feelings, adding, “I’ll be honest, when it came to rejoining twitter, I had mixed emojis.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images