Who Won Instagram This Week: Diddy Vs. Cam’ron

Every day on IG feels like a stunt contest between rappers. But this week was on 10. Diddy flossed with his fur crew, and Cam’ron the caped crusader popped bottles for his bday while strippers popped that. Dame Dash even got a lapdance. Who’s the macaroni with the cheese, though? Vote for who won Instagram this week above. See more attention-seeking star snapshots below.

Cam’ron got tons of donk for this born day.

Juelz be ALL NIGHT with Kimbella.

Commenter: “OMG Onika you’re perfect”

Yes, Macklemore can do everything.

No ring yet, but Cassie can just cozy up with this cutie.

Does it look like Bieber has any worries?

Mariah and bikinis go back like babies and pacifiers.

Cue “I’m On A Boat.”