10 Jay’Once-Inspired Baby Names For Ciara And Future

Let’s be honest: Compared to original and off-the-wall names like Bear Blaze and Blue Ivy, Wilburn sounds like quite the dull common name that only non-celebrity babies would tote. Ciara and Future can be more creative than that. So here are a few hints Ciara and her man can take in adding a little more pizzazz.

1. Sugar Maple – If your son grows up to be a stripper, he’s SET!

2. Bronze Hickory – Used for wood-burning in the South. What better way to recollect a barbecue than with your son?

3. Dande Lion – Although normally considered weed, they are fun to blow? Hopefully the kid won’t grow up to take this literally.

4. Red Oak – A tasteful veneering favorite. Why not? The child would crawl all over it.

5. Southern Magnolia – North West who? Show that regional pride.

6. American Holy – Patriotic and spiritual. The American girls wouldn’t leave him alone.

7. Rocky Mountain Juniper – Quite the mouthful, but with a name like Ciara Princess Harris, it’d fit perfectly.

8. CheeseWeed Mallow – This is a viable alternative under the influence of alcohol and actual weed.

9. Yellow SneezeWort – But let’s just hope the kid doesn’t develop any allergies to avoid a lifetime of bad puns.

10. Red Mulberry – Mulberry would look cute rocking some Burberry.

Photo Credit: Instagram/ciara