10 Best Moments From the 2014 Oscars


Last night’s Oscars were a refreshing turn from the  annual stuffiness it normally exudes. The tone immediately shifted the second our host of the evening, Ellen Degeneres, graced the stage with her sort of – ungraceful presence. It was blunt, free-spirited and humanized the entire evening amongst Hollywood’s biggest names. Perhaps it started with Ellen shouting “racists” to a racial-sensitive industry of actors–who else could have pulled that off?

Our favorite moments may have started with Ellen, but it ended with all things Lupita . Let’s not pretend we weren’t prepping ourselves for a potential Jennifer Lawrence win- just in case white Hollywood overlooked America’s new “it” girl–who happens to be an elegant, brown-skinned, natural haired  and phenomenal actress.  Hearing Lupita ‘s name announced was monumental, touching and endearing. Her innocence, nervousness and heartfelt speech was everything we dreamed of and the pain she endured in 12 Years A Slave has now paved the way for her happiness as a budding actress.

Ellen and Lupita may have been the stars of the evening, but there were other amazing moments too. Flip the page to see them.

Photo Credit: Getty Images