10 Little Seen Rapper Acting Performances

Rappers love being in movies and television shows. There’s no data to justify that sentence or anything; it’s just an observation based on the fact that it’s become increasingly common to see rappers onscreen. 50 Cent (better known as Curtis Jackson in the movies) and Ice-T (still known as Ice-T in the movies) have gone from gangster flicks to playing policemen and soldiers. Others have made similar changes in order to increase their commercial appeal.

But there are always the roles and the cameos that don’t attract much attention to the rapper. Maybe the rapper wasn’t too famous when the film or television show was released, or maybe the film or show just wasn’t very successful. Whatever the reason, we at VIBE want to highlight 10 little-seen performances by your favorite hip-hop artists. Which of these rappers do you think should get more acting roles?