10 Rappers Who Forgot To Pay Uncle Sam


Again, Lil Wayne? Less than two years ago, Weezy was forced to give the IRS more than $7 million to pay off two tax liens that were filed against him. According to reports, he failed to pay taxes in 2008 and 2009 for whatever reason. And apparently, he hasn’t changed his ways.

Recently, the IRS hit Wayne with two more tax liens for unpaid taxes in 2011 and 2012 and claimed that he owes them more than $12 million right now. We don’t know who his accountant is or why he’s not paying his taxes. But doesn’t he know better than to mess with Uncle Sam?

It seems like he doesn’t. And it seems like a lot of other rappers don’t, either, because over the past few years, a handful have served jail time or been forced to pay large sums of money to the IRS after “forgetting” to pay Uncle Sam. Here are 10 rappers besides Lil Wayne who ended up paying the price for it.