20 Things We’ve Learned From Rick Ross’ CRWN Interview


How well do you really know Rick Ross? The swaggering, sizable head of MMG delivers vivid imagery on his songs, but fans got a closer look at the inner musings of a boss Tuesday night (March 4) when Rozay sat down with Elliott Wilson in Manhattan for a live interview in the latest installment of his CRWN series. With MySpace cameras hovering, VIBE sat in attendance and took note of the abundance of trivia on MMG’s bearded frontman. Get to know Rick Ross a little better with these 20 factoids we picked up. —Ishaw Thorpe

1. Rick Ross wanted a ’90s vibe for Mastermind, so he listened to The Chronic and Doggystyle for inspiration. That’s also why he hired Diddy as executive producer.

2. The rants on “Nobody” are taken from an actual conversation Diddy had with a Revolt employee.

3. “Devil is a Lie” was made so “killers can be praying in the club.” Dudes in the trap need guidance, too.

4. Ross got a scholarship to play football at a school in Albany, GA but turned it down after only three weeks because he wanted to focus on music.

5. Ross ghostwrites for so many artists that he jokes that on his next album, he’s going to have a single called “Ghostwriter.”

6. He’s been friends with Scarface since before he entered the music industry. They used to chill in the hood together way before he became “The boss.”

7. Rozay admits that he likes it when people ask him if he is in the Illuminati. When he was younger, he only pictured “rich muthafuckas” in it. So when people ask him about it, he feels like he’s “Illuminati material” because they see him as a “rich muthafucka” too.

8. The first time he was paid for his music was when he performed at a club for $750. He described it as the first time he “earned something from his art” and loved it!

9. Even though other labels wanted to sign him, he went with Def Jam not because of its history but because he wanted to be somewhere where an artist was also the CEO. He looked to Jay Z as “the blueprint” to how he wanted his future label to be. He created MMG years later.

10. His closest friends know that whenever he rubs his head, that means he’s feeling good. (Ross rubs his head when he puffs).