5 Reasons To Watch CBS Documentary: Summer Dreams

Selection Sunday officially starts “March Madness” this weekend. Once we know who plays against who, the real fun begins. At the core of the lure of college basketball is the dreams of each player. Everyone’s fighting for a shot to prove themselves on the biggest stage in the States to show they’ve got the goods.

In their new documentary Summer Dreams, CBS takes a deeper exploration of the next step of that dream through NBA Summer League. This is where the stars of March, become the millionaires of the majors. For some, it’s a shot a million dollar NBA contract. For others, it’s simply a chance to overcome life’s hurdles. No matter the paths, there’s a very human element that filmmakers Mike Tollin, Jon Weinback and Mandalay Sports Media brought to light through film.

Summer Dreams debuts nationally on CBS Saturday, March 15 at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Here are the reasons why you should watch it.