5 Reasons Why Ronda Rousey Would Fade Floyd Mayweather

The female empowerment movement is at an all time high. Between King Bey ruling the airwaves with surprise albums and surfboards, and Nicki Minaj shooting at all “on lookers,” women aren’t thinking twice about coming for the throne.

The same is true for MMA’s media darling Ronda Rousey. The UFC bantamweight champion recently said she could take boxing’s best, Floyd Mayweather in the ring. She even explained how she’d do it:

“I wouldn’t even stand up, I wouldn’t even be anywhere near him. I would just do like a little crawl over there, and he would have to run away… I would do that. I would just bear crawl over there too low for him to hit me, and I’d tackle him down. I spent a lit of time on the ground and I doubt that he does.”

No disrespect to Money May. It certainly wouldn’t be that easy, but, hypothetically, if Rousey would have a real shot if she did manage to stay away from his punches. There factors to this fantasy fight do surprisingly give her the edge. Here are a few reasons why she’d come out on top.