5 Things You Should Know About Kito And Reija Lee


Kito and Reija Lee (pronounced Rey-ya Lee) are the Perth Australia-born and London-based duo breaking into the spotlight with a silky electro-pop ballad, “Starting Line,” (out March 18 on Payday/Ultra Music). The duo previously made appearances on Big Boi’s newest track “King Sh!t,” also featuring T.I. & Ludacris, for which Sir Lucious sampled one of their older Mad Decent tracks “Run For Cover.”

“Starting Line” glimmers by blending Reija’s hypnotic vocals with Kito’s eloquent production techniques. To gear up for the release, we asked the ladies to share five facts about themselves. Get familiar with Kito and Reija Lee after the jump.

1. “We know each other through Reija’s cousin and she holds all the embarrassing photos from our pre-teen/ teenage years. We will never tell you her name.”

2. “Both obsessed with Thai food – Reija always orders veggie red curry and Kito can never make up her mind.”

3. “The vocals for [our song] ‘LFO’ were written and recorded at Reija’s brother’s house. We waited all day for his housemate to wake up so that we could record in his room – he didn’t wake up until 6pm so we wrote the lyrics while we waited. There may also be remnants of a death metal vocal version somewhere on Kito’s hard drives.”

4. “Reija was born in a town of seven people and Kito grew up in a mud brick house, a six-hour drive south of Perth (middle of no where, or ‘out in the sticks’ as we say in Australia).”

5. “We both have a heartbreak song. Kito’s is ‘Pacifica,’ and Reija’s is ‘Run For Cover.’”