50 Cent’s ‘Power’ Castmates Break Down Their Characters

While the Starz series, Power, was being shot in New York, VIBE was invited to chop it up on set with 50 Cent (who’s serving as executive producer), as well as Naturi Naughton and Omari Hardwick. Check out our interviews with Lela Loren and Joseph Sikora above. Power premieres this summer.

JOSEPH SIKORA (Plays Tommy Egan)
“Omari Hardwick plays Ghost and I’m his best friend from childhood. When the show starts, we’re both trying to take our business in slightly different directions. I think everybody knows that feeling that change is very difficult, and I think change is very difficult for Tommy. Ghost is taking that kind of brave move to move forward, and Tommy’s just like, ‘First off where you going? Second off, we’ve worked so hard to do all this. And third off, I’m not going to tell you this, but I’m a little scared to kind of go that way.'”

LELA LOREN (Plays Angela Valdez)
“Angela is an assistant District Attorney who is looking to find the identity of the New York distributor, and little does she know that it’s Ghost or Jamie St. Patrick. She still thinks his only drawback is that he’s married with kids. [Laughs] In some ways it’s a love story of two characters that found a form of grace or like love in big capital letters and they’ve never found it again in their adult lives. It’s like they want to go back home, but they’ve made certain decisions that they both can’t. They don’t know yet what each other does, and so they’re both sort of between a rock in the heart place. There’s the laws of society and morality and then there’s the laws of the heart. Angela is incredibly intelligent, ambitious, driven, focused and at the same time, like most women or human beings, can be totally unraveled by love. You sort of see her being very in control in the beginning and then slowly unraveling. What makes her wonderful to play is she gets to plan all of the moral ambiguities that you might not let yourself in life play.”

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