Actress Reveals All The Hollywood Men She’s Had Sex With…And Its Over 30

lindsay lohan

It’s safe to say Hollywood is where the thots reside. Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan  reportedly revealed all the Hollywood stars she’s had sex with and the total was around —36 stars—a list that would impress even Taylor Swift. We thought she only had a drug addiction, but Oprah may want to tackle her sex addiction as well. According to In Touch Weekly, the actress left a handwritten list on the Scattagories pad of  all the Hollywood A through B-listers she laid down and a source backed up the claims.

“They were giggling and talking s— about people in the industry,” the source told the magazine as he/she watched her jot the names down at her Beverly Hills Hotel on Jan. 30, 2013. This would be around the time Lilo did her rehab bid and the list wasn’t malicious– just a gesture to impress her friends. “It was her personal conquest list, she was trying to impress her friends with the list and then tossed it aside.”

The source also revealed the Mean Girls actress often forgot who the person was, but at 36 sex partners, who could blame her?

There hasn’t been an official statement from the Lohan camp and by the looks of the list, this could have easily been a crush game taken out of context but if it is true, her memoir may be worth the read after all.

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