Album Stream: YG ‘My Krazy Life’

Today (March 18), Compton’s YG finally releases his long awaited solo debut, My Krazy Life, out now. It’s been a long road for the young rapper, who has spent time in prison, survived street beefs, and rose to become one of hip-hop’s hottest.

VIBE: My Krazy Life definitely fits in the canon of great West Coast rap albums.
YG: A lot of older motherfuckers from New York and The South say my shit reminds them of Snoop and Dre in the ‘90s. N.W.A. The new version. Everybody tells me that. Me and Mustard, we got a lot to do with West Coast being what it is today. The sound of the music, the content, visuals. I’m coming out the gate with an album and a platinum single. I’m about to turn up.

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