25 Things Allen Iverson Should Do Now That He’s Retired

Allen Iverson has long been out of the spotlight. But with his official retirement from the NBA, No. 3 might be thinking of ways to keep busy. Of course, he’s not the first basketball MVP to kick it court side. MJ took time off to play in celebrity charity golf tournaments and Shaq went back to school. But it seems like whenever a pro athlete retires, they either fall into controversy or reality show appearances. With that in mind, here are 25 ways The Answer can do retirement differently.

1. Bedazzle his jersey

2. Write a memoir

3. Become a vegan and sport a beanie

4. Create an app and become a tech titan

5. Get into real estate

6. Model for a teeth whitening product (Look at that dazzling smile)

7. Coach a Little League team

8. Befriend a world leader (but look out, Ivy, Kim Jong Un is taken)

9. Revive his (very controversial) rap identity Jewelz (Here’s his track that dropped in 2000, “40 Bars”)

10. Pick up golf and start a retired NBA super-team with Michael Jordan

11. Start a men’s suit line (for short and slender men)

12. Write an advice column for Sports Illustrated

13. Teach a course on sports philosophy

14. Become an NBA commentator, hello

15. Open a bookstore and give a wayward teenager that stumbles in advice on how to succeed in life by believing in himself

16. Host Saturday Night Live

17. Launch a clothing line selling only oversized jeans

18. Move out of Philadelphia and somewhere warm ASAP

19. Chill with his old Beşiktaş JK İstanbul teammates in Turkey (then teach us how to pronounce that)

20. Paint a self portrait

21. Become a consultant with Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports

22. Play pick-up ball at random courts in Philly

23. Try to get on the cover of VIBE again

24. Do a sit-down with Oprah

25. Teach a class on how to properly sag your jeans