Angel Haze Tells Vogue Why She Won’t Dress ‘Sexier’ [Photos]


Angel Haze in British Vogue

The pressure to dress a certain way or emulate what we see in magazines is higher than ever, but Angel Haze wants no part of it. The 22-year old rapper is featured in the latest issue of British Vogue and inside, she speaks candidly about not making her body a part of what makes her successful.

“People try to tell me what to wear – that hyper-sexualised look. I’m usually a very covered up person, but when I first started, so many people said you need to dress sexier,” she says. “I was like, ‘Dude I weigh 102 pounds. I look like a f**king teenager; there is nothing here at all.’”

The often transparent musician also reflects on her music and why she is so open about her past issues–something she thinks a lot of people are afraid to do. “I could only listen to that twice. I didn’t go through everything I went through in life to water it down or sugarcoat it. There are so many issues that people won’t speak of and you just need to shine a light on it.”

With plans to give back and eventually start her own charitable organization, we’d say Angel is well on her way to a lasting legacy. Check out her latest video–“A Tribe Called Red”– here.



Photo Credit: Vogue