Antoine Fuqua To Direct Jake Gyllenhaal In ‘Southpaw’

After the success of Olympus Has Fallen (and the hype behind its sequel), director Antoine Fuqua has chosen his next film.

Southpaw, written by Sons Of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter, is a drama which will now star Jake Gyllenhaal as a welterweight champion who fights after his life falls apart.

Fuqua has stepped in to direct The Weinstein Company-financed project, and will begin to roll the camera this summer. According to Deadline, the Training Day helmer was “looking at a number of projects” to direct but chose Southpaw, and his deal closed last week.

Rapper Eminem was originally slated to make this film his second starring picture, but dropped out after the project stagnated.

The other lead in the picture, Titus “Tick” Willis, a former fighter who was forced to retire after losing an eye and was on his way to becoming a pro trainer but retreated after his son was killed, has yet to be cast. This is a potential breakthrough role as the script plays to cultural diversity.

The film is slated for a 2015 release.

Props: Deadline