New Video: ASAP Rocky ‘Riot Rave’ Feat Baauer + ‘Unicorns’

“WARNING: What you are about see is a ASAP x Vlone “art video” that features real life rioting that spread through all five boroughs throughout the city. Shit go real. Hundred of people showed up for the cause. The cause being acceptance, liberty and a way to blow off steam for all the youth, outsiders outcasts, rejects under dogs, and just straight up weirdo mother-fuckers. The your rules tomorrow!”

That is the opening message of ASAP Rocky’s new video, “Riot Rave” featuring Baauer from his Beauty And The Beast: Slowed Down Sessions Chapter 1 instrumental album. As Lord Flacko takes a group of young New Yorkers across the city to raise some hell across the five boroughs in a very Warriors-like fashion, the new visuals feature a three-part screen, showcasing the riot as well as a slew of complementing abstract imagery including wild animals and statues. The 3-and-a-half minute feature also includes the clever re-imagining of a scene from Beauty And The Beast as ASAP and his flock throw trash, skateboard and come face-to-face with police.

It would be wise to heed the rapper’s suggestion to not reenact the things seen in this video. Check out “Riot Rave” above.

BONUS: ASAP Rocky also dropped another new Beauty And The Beast track entitled “Unicorn.” Spin it below.