Back to Basics: Keke Palmer on Grocery Shopping, Hangovers and Her Bank Account


Black Girls Rock! 2013 - Arrivals

VIBE Vixen: When was the last time you went grocery shopping?
Keke Palmer: Oh my goodness, eight months ago.
Do you remember what you bought?
No. I don’t know how to grocery shop. My mom is like, ‘That’s a real big issue.’ When she comes to my house, there’s nothing in the refrigerator. I just got a roommate so she cooks a lot for me. I be like “Ooh, thank you girl.” I never go grocery shopping. Ever.
Last time you bought your own makeup.
Everyday practically. I love makeup. I don’t need to buy makeup everyday but it’s often. Like every two weeks, I’ll buy something new for my kit because I like makeup.
What’s the last product you can remember?
I bought some Dior eye shadow and I bought some Smash Box primer. .I don’t like Dior as much because it’s doesn’t show up as much. It’s a little too sheer. I want it to have more pigment.
What color was it?
It had two different colors. But I just got some Lancôme and I prefer the Lancôme actually because the colors show up more.
Last time you drove yourself.
Oh every time. Well, not all the time. My parents drive me sometimes when I have early auditions but I’m usually drive myself anywhere.
What kind of car do you drive?
A Mercedes, an SUV. Not the bigger one, the smaller one. The MLK. I drive myself everywhere and really, I just got to say, whenever I miss home, I always think of myself driving because that’s where I get my little vibe.
What do you have on your cruising playlist?
Oh everything. Lots of R Kelly.
Well, we’re going to have a White Panties album next.
Isn’t that crazy?! Ya boy is out of this world. I definitely have a lot of R Kelly. I got the new Black Panties album, the Justin Beiber album which I really love, I have that on my playlist. Always have some Rihanna, Drake—always got some Drake, a lot of people. Drake is definitely like a cruzing type of artist. I could listen to his cool Nothing Was The Same album driving, I just did it one too many times so now I got to take a break. I listen to a lot Sleep Wood Mac and a lot of Stevie Nicks. She just puts me in a deep, deep thing. Her voice is amazing.
Last time you used public transportation.
Never in California. I mean, maybe Uber a few times. That would kind of be considered a type of public transportation. 

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