Back to Basics: Keke Palmer on Grocery Shopping, Hangovers and Her Bank Account

2014 InStyle And Warner Bros. 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards Post-Party
Last time you paid to get into the club.
Never. Only because I don’t go to the club I think. It’s just so boring to me. There are events that my friends have and I’ll go but generally, I prefer a house party over a club any day because it’s more personal. A lot of times, LA clubs are very exclusive and I’m not an exclusive person so I don’t like anything that’s excluding, that’s too out the hood. I don’t like that type of vibe. A lot of times, the LA clubs are very much so like that. If they’re about dancing and having fun, I’ll go. But the clubs are too much like popping bottles. I don’t got the money. I don’t like that type of stuff.
So then, you may not have not an answer for this. Have you ever been turned away from VIP?
No, I’ve never been turned away from VIP only because I’ve never really been to the clubs.
Last time you had a celebrity Stan moment, like the last time you turned into a fan girl around somebody?
I’m real honest when I like people…I’m trying to think of the last time this happened. I haven’t been super nervous in a long time. But I consider a fan girl being just excited. I was just at the Instyle party and I was talking to Regina Hall and Gabrielle Union. Even though we know each other, I was still really excited to see them and to have that time to hang out with them because I love them both so that might be like a fan girl moment. The last time I was really like “Oooh” was probably like 14 or so, like when I met Brandy and then when I met Rihanna I was really like “Oh my God.”
Last time you deleted a social media post.
I delete them a lot on Twitter because I’m a perfectionist. I’m a Virgo. So whenever I make a typo, I just delete it and put the second one. So, I do it often on Twitter but it’s just because I don’t like to make typos.
Last time you checked your bank account balance.
Oh all the time because, you know, I don’t use cash a lot but I always use my card so every now and then, I’m like “Wait a minute, do I have money in there?” Because I don’t put all my money in one account so it’s like let me see if I do have the money and then I check. I’m like “I got to make sure I ain’t running out of cash.”
Last time you spoke to your mom or dad.
Everyday. Even though I don’t live with them, I talk to my mom every single day even if it’s not about much. A lot of the times, it’s about work because my mom’s involved in my work stuff. So, a lot times it’s not like ‘Hey, how’s your day going?’ A lot of times, it’s like ‘Look, you got to be here by 5. You got to be here by 6.’ A lot of stuff like that.
Okay, last questions: last time you were hung over?
It’s so funny because I think people don’t realize how open and honest I am with my parents and how much we really talk about. I went to Mardi Gras weekend with my best friend just a little while ago and I had my firstdrinking/ hangover experience. I literally woke up and was like, ‘Mom I think I’m getting sick my head hurt a little bit and I also drank a little bit last night. Do you think that’s what the headache is from?’ I’ve heard how a hangover is but I didn’t know how it really was. People just act like it gives you a big headache but they didn’t say that it makes you feel like you have the flu.
The funny thing about it was, my dad drinks, so I was like maybe I have a high tolerance because I was acting normal the night of. I remember everything but how I felt in the morning you would think that I was acting nuts but I was walking normal like, ‘Girl, I don’t feel nothing from this drink.’ But then I wake up the next morning and I was like, ‘Oh hell.’
So my parents and my sister told me things to do, like drink a little Sprite because you might need to settle your stomach, sip some OJ and then you also need to eat something. It was such a casual conversation between my parents and I, and I appreciate those moments so much. At the end it was like ‘Oh, and by the way y’all, drinking is not for your girl!’ My parents are real cool like that and I really appreciate that because it makes me feel so good to be able to talk to them about that type of stuff.
As long as it doesn’t get you on the front page of TMZ, you’re good.
That’s what I feel like. My grounded relationship with my parents is what keeps me focused and keeps me from acting all crazy.