Baila UMF: 5 Things to Expect From Ranidu’s Ultra Set

Sri Lanka’s Baila dance music innovator, Ranidu, is bringing his signature Bailatronic sound to Ultra Music Festival 2014 on March 30.

He’s already prepped us with five things to know about Bailatronic, now the three-times platinum-selling producer throws down more Baila knowledge bombs.

Ranidu shares five things to expect from his UMF live set. Check them out after snagging a free download from man himself.

1) “A lot of crazy rhythms from Sri Lanka and South Asia mashed up.” with Bass music like you have never heard before #bailabass
2) “A Sri Lankan Lion Flag.”
3) “A taste of the #bailalife.”
4) “Some straight up raw traditional beats with acoustic instruments from South Asia (Ghana and Papare music) that will make you go HYPE!”
5) Maybe the Bailatronic mask will make an appearance?

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